The Team

Lee Ann Woods

Lead Strategist.  With over 25 years in business - management, start-up, ownership - our Lead Strategist brings, 'been there, done that' expertise to clients.  

Strategy. Marketing. Brand. Licensing.

Helping companies 'grow' is the goal.

Dr. Terry Clower

Lead Economist.  Our Lead Economist is known for his APPLIED economics approach - market focused, market driven.  With a background in transportation and logistics, his numbers count.

Tony Gilbert

Lead Property Advisor.  A seasoned executive, broker & founder of Capital Property Advisors, our Lead Property Advisor helps clients with commercial and investment real estate related to business growth, acquisition or disposition.


Consumer Insights Analyst.  Having led market insights and forecasting for Fortune 1000 companies, our Consumer Insights Analyst anticipates consumer & technology-led shifts in the marketplace.


Financial Analyst.  Having served as CFO for several private and public companies, our Lead Financial Analyst brings long-term financial management skills, with an understanding of day-to-day demands.

Dr. SW

Data Analyst.  With years of economic modeling in the commodities and consumer markets, our Market & Data Analyst brings actionable data to each project.