Strategic Planning

It always starts here.  We want you to be strategic - it saves time & money, and it works to meet your 'real' goals and objectives.  YOUR goals, not the other guy's.

Business Plans

Yes.  You'll want one of these.  And it's NOT just about raising money; in fact, we don't focus on that too much at all.  It's about 'working it through' - determining for yourself if it will work!  (We like creating an "expanded executive summary".)

Strategic Capital & Partners

We look for strategic capital & partners for our clients - where ROI is measured in a variety of ways; still tangible, and impactful.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A is a growth strategy!  It is a viable, strategic, measurable, manageable method of obtaining share of market, as well as reinforcement of market standing.

Capital Formation

Money and cash flow are critical to growth.  We can help.  Debt & Equity.   We look for 'strategic money', with an emphasis on private funds.

Commercial & Investment Real Estate

WRG works with partner firm, Capital Property Advisors for commercial, industrial and real estate investment needs - generally related to client-based work.  Work also includes market research and advisory services, as well as capitalization and financing.