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Our team conducts strategic research to create actionable, competitive plans.

Our team

Walnut Ridge Group (WRG) is a team of business veterans.  We have led successful company turnarounds; developed strategic & business plans for new and growing companies;  provided actionable market research for companies and organizations; led mergers and acquisitions; created joint ventures; secured capital for start-ups & middle-market companies; taken products and companies from zero to millions.



This unique combination of experience provides the knowledge base from which market-competitive research and actionable strategic plans are developed for our clients.  Plans that are centered in targeted, strategic growth; plans that have resulted in successful M&A, ventures, and capital acquisition.

Work that blends quantitative and qualitative methodologies to deliver actionable research

Our work

WRG believes it is critical to use a blended approach in gathering market intelligence -  both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.  We work to drive results for our clients.

                       INTEL +  STRATEGY + PLAN = RESULTS.

Walnut Ridge Group believes strongly that a business must have an understanding of market dynamics, with a strategy that delivers through a unique proposition.

Industries Specilizations include:  CPG, manufacturing, distribution, software, food processing, packaging, transportation & logistics, and related technologies.

We combine business, marketing and economics experience to deliver strategic and actionable research

Our approach

Walnut Ridge Group spends time with all stakeholders to create the base case from which recommendations are made.  WE THINK: FORWARD.  What's ahead...What's around the corner?

 This deliberate, forward-looking process drives our overall approach, and creates measurable solutions.


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